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Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville
12 Maple Tree Ct 201
GreenvilleSC 29615
 (864) 252-4889

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A Google User
Jun 18, 2018

Seeing Dr. Bailey for my hearing loss was life changing! I lost hearing in my left ear about 4 years ago. My ear doctor at the time outfitted me with a hearing aide. I wore it for about a month, but was quite disappointed with the results after paying for an expensive instrument. Dr Bailey was at a company sponsored health fair where I met her. After I explained my situation, you invited me to her office for a free hearing test, and told me she thought she could help me. When I went to her office, I was more than a little skeptical after my previos experience. After the test, Dr Bailey explained my previos instrument simply amplified the distorted hearing I did have. She fitted me with a cross over (that isn’t the technical name). Her and Beth put me between them , spoke to me, made lots of noise. Although somewhat comical, it was life changing. I could make out the different sounds and understand what was going on around me. I can now understand conversations in noisy restaurants, and hear people talking on my left side. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Dr Bailey and Beth!

Nancy Williams
Apr 05, 2018

Rhonda Maynard
Jan 21, 2018

Dr. Bailey's knowledge and passion for this area of healthcare is excellent, but her compassion was evident as she worked to find the right product for me. If you need help, please give her a call. I promise you will not be sorry; except that you didn't act sooner. Thank you for all your help Dr. Bailey!

William Kelley
Jan 13, 2018

Working with Dr. Bailey was a great experience. She is not only professional but also so kind and caring. We will recommend Advance Hearing Solutions to everyone.

Jonathan Hawk
Jan 08, 2018

Beautiful office and Dr. Tara truly take amazing care of her customers. She customizes solutions to fit what each person needs! If you need help with hearing aids (new or repairs) this is the place to go!

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