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Hearing Solutions in Greenville, SC

Are you looking for a professional, certified, and experienced hearing aid specialist in Greenville, SC, to help you with your audio-related issues and concerns? Then you need the team at Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville. Whether you need help with hearing aids, hearing solutions, hearing consultations, or hearing aid repair, we are ready and able to help you. Contact us today at (864) 252-4889.

Hear Your World


We will examine your ear canal and look at your eardrum. If there is any wax affecting your ability to hear, we will remove it prior to testing. If there is a medical problem, we will refer to a local ear doctor and surgeon.


We will perform a full hearing test for air and bone conduction, hearing speech, and understanding speech in noise. We will then go over your results and make recommendations. We also will send your evaluation to your doctor to keep in your medical records.


Many people are unsure if they will tolerate hearing aids and avoid them for that reason. We offer complimentary hearing aid trials so you can see the improvement they can make in your life for yourself.


We offer the most advanced levels of technology as well as every model of hearing aid, from custom models such as the “invisible” in the ear style to behind-the-ear styles that we can fit you with immediately.

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We provide the absolute best care around the clock. The skills and knowledge of our team allow us to deliver a large assortment of services that will ensure we can resolve every concern you have. Contact us at (864) 252-4889 today to schedule an appointment.

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