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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
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Jean Tolson
1 week ago
I have had the most pleasant experience with Advanced Hearing. From my first appointment to my last appointment when she checked me at my full prescription. They helped me every step of the way. I truly cannot express how...
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Grace Adams
2 weeks ago
The doctor is great and very caring!??
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Don Higgins
2 weeks ago
Outstanding care and respect. Patient with an old man who didn't want hearing aids a few years ago, but I am sold now. Excellent care, top quality hearing aids and I can hear now. VERY HAPPY and would highly recommend AHS...
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3 weeks ago
She is always very professional and honest.
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Thomas Jewell
3 months ago
I think I found a hearing aid vendor. I wish though, that they weren't so busy as it seems to affect their listening skills.
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Carolyn Wilkins
3 months ago
We are always happy when we leave. Excellent service and everyone is kind and listens.

Dr. Tara Bailey was so helpful! Both my husband and I were tested. We felt fully heard as she asked our concerns and issues. The testing was so well done and we got to see the results right away. Thank you Dr. Bailey.

Patricia Barrows

I don't have the words to express my emotions when my hearing aids were put in my ears. I heard my wife's voice without her having to tell. I went to them without any expectations. I had hearing aids from another place and from day one they did not help she still had to yell however she doesn't to now! I heard my son's voice on the telephone for the first time in years. AHS is an exceptional place. They were so wonderful from the very beginning. They are so courteous and listen to you or any concerns you have. Thank you AHS. I could never express my thanks to you.

Cecil A.

This was the absolute best Hearing Specialist I have ever sought out for service. The accuracy in fitting equipment that was high end technology for my hearing loss need and very affordable and was in my insurance network. Great receptionist/assistant as well.

Nelllie S.

Super experience, I love my hearing aids, Jennifer and Dr Pietrobono could not be more professional and caring! I 100% recommend them for all of your hearing needs.

Preston R.

Dr Bailey’s is one of the most highly qualified Health professionals I’ve ever experienced. Her attention to her patients, the details of her audiology assessment, and her commitment to current innovations in a fast changing Medical field are terrific. Thank you.

Beth L.

Dr. Tara Bailey A very professional and knowledgeable ear Dr. This ear specialist knows what she is about and will definitely help you with your hearing concerns. I highly recommend. She has certainly helped me.

Lou H.

All of the personnel at Advanced are professional yet friendly. Tara is most likeable and one of the few people in the business that is an MD. She tests hearing closely and repeats sounds if there is any doubt based on your replies. She also describes the findings and leads one through the whole process reducing any apprehension. Finally she selects the hearing aid best suited and describes any options and the trade-offs. I sensed no pushiness, only patience on her part. She has fitted me twice and both times my satisfaction has been great. She follows up very professionally and anticipates my needs. Currently fitted with the Oticon More-1 I hear sounds I haven't heard in years. Hear yourself breath when its quiet, birds singings brightly in the morning, a door squeaking that I didn't know needed oiling. I could go on and on but trying to be brief I'll stop. Highly recommended! Call for an appointment now. You will not regret it.

Richard (Dick) W.

Dr. Tara Bailey was referred to me by a friend and I totally felt comfortable with her the minute I walked in her office. She is so professional and genial. We hit it off great! She is very attentive and wants the best for each patient. I look forward to my visits! I highly recommend Dr. Bailey!”

Connie A

“I'm am so blessed to have found Dr. Tara Bailey! I went years without being able to hear people around me. I was missing out on so much. My time now with both my grandchildren and great-grandchildren is so much more enjoyable! And at my church, I love that my new hearing aids give me back the ability to hear the sermon, choir and my church family & friends! Dr. Tara Bailey and her staff are the best! They are all very kind and so very qualified. I would recommend them to anyone needing their expertise. They have given me a more enriched life. Thank you to everyone at Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville!”

Jacqueline S

“I have been trying to be fitted correctly with a hearing device for 10 years. No one could find something that was comfortable and worked. Dr. Tara did both and for a very reasonable cost. I wish I had seen her 10 years ago. ”

David T

“My experience at Advanced Hearing with Tara Bailey and her staff is consistently excellent. My appointments are always on time and Tara makes sure I am satisfied with any adjustments and always has helpful new hints when I am using my Oticon hearing app. ”

Nicki D

“Dr. Tara Bailey has been amazing. Her knowledge, care, patience and personal attention to adjusting to my new hearing aids have been second to none. I would highly recommend Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville and Dr. Tara Bailey to anyone. ”

Jimmy F

“My experience was very informative and comfortable. All of my questions were answered in a way that I could understand. ”

Jean N

“Dr Bailey was very professional with my visit and my getting fitted with hearing aids. I can not say enough kind words about my experience with her practice!”

John W

“Dr. Tara Bailey has been terrific. She is caring, knowledgeable and patient. She has been very attentive to any issue that I have had. I love being able to hear again. Everyone in the office is welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend. ”

Rex H.

I found the most kindest, professional Dr. with Tara Bailey. I enjoy her expertise so much; she is very helpful and a wonderful person. I enjoy her every time I go to see her. She is very helpful and so is her staff.

Billie Jean M.

Dr. Tara Bailey was the most helpful, most intelligent and most professional in solving my hearing loss. I would (and am) recommending her to family and friends.

Herb M.


James M C.

I was a very reluctant patients until I arrived at Dr. Bailey's office. She assured me that I would get a proper evaluation. The test was far more detailed and comprehensive than I received from other hearing aid providers in the past couple of years. The tests revealed that I had a 40% loss in each ear and that surprised me. I was fitted with the very latest units that are adjusted by a program on my iPhone. I have had great results so far. I had forgotten what crackling paper in front of me was like! I also got a program to suppress the background noise in a restaurant, etc. the units have also suppressed the tinnitus that I have been experiencing over the years. Dr. Baily is a great provider in that she listsens to the problems and logically runs through a series of adjustments to get the best outcome. She is not pushy as some providers I've encountered. She really cares about one's outcome well beyond the cost of the equipment. I will be going back for some slight adjustments in the near future and I look toward the minimization of my hearing issues.

Herman (Chris) D.

“I was in denial about my hearing loss. When I went for my physical at my doctor she referred me to Advance hearing Solutions. This is where I met Dr Tara Bailey. She was amazing and put any anxiety or stigmas associated with hearing loss at ease. Once I understood the long term effect of doing nothing... I was on board. I am a professional public speaker and not hearing was effecting my work. Dr Tara continues to offer me support even when I am traveling... My family, friends and colleagues notice the difference. I am very grateful to Dr Tara...”

Ray J.

“I have known for a while that I had significant hearing loss but I chose to ignore it. Through my work I found out about Dr Bailey and Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville. I took the first step and made an appointment. I am so glad I did. Dr Bailey is very thorough and professional. She is not high pressure and presents you with the best options for your needs. She is also very good about following up with you and taking care of you after the sale. In my case the hearing loss was primarily in one ear. Rather than going for a bigger sale, she recommended only one hearing aid for me at this time. I am glad I finally went and had my hearing tested and that I chose to get a hearing aid. It has made a big difference for me. If I could give Dr Bailey and Advanced Hearing Solutions 10 stars I would because they certainly earned it. Thank you Dr Bailey for what you do and the way you do it. I am a very satisfied client who is hearing better than I have in years!”

Ken K.

I feel like a new person! I wore aids years before and returned them. Your attention to detail in testing me made all of the difference. Thank you for an excellent job!

Louis D.

Admitting that I needed a hearing aid was a big step for me but setting up an appointment with AHS was the best thing I could have done. Tara Bailey put me at ease immediately. The exam was easy, she was thorough and very professional. I now hear everything very well and didn’t know what I was missing.


“My husband was depressed and feeling like his hearing loss defined him as old. It took some effort to get him into see someone. Dr Tara is that someone that made him feel excited about the possibility of hearing better and being a part of the conversation. He was in the office and called me from his phone which interfaced with his hearing aids. His voice was upbeat and happy. He began telling everyone how wonderful it was to hear. Our grandson calls them his bionic ears and wants his own so he can mute others when desired ...LOL Dr Tara educated me as well on how important it is to correct hearing loss. I then shared this information with my stepdad who also now has hearing aids. Her impact and passion to improve lives is impactful. She took away the stigma which has improved my husbands self esteem. I am very grateful.”

Rubi J.

“Dr. Bailey is an excellent communicator, and evaluates and explains very carefully the steps to correct your problem. She is one of the best hearing evaluators I have visited. I am an experienced hearing aid user, and found her to target my problem quickly and adjust the aids to improve hearing. Her appointment schedule is flexible and she is readily available by phone. She would be so useful to someone who is a first time user, because of her patience and expertise. Her office is well designed for evaluation and visual displays. ”

Pam S.

“I'm in my early 60's and found my self in need of a hearing device. I called around and no one wanted to make time for me as I am still employed. I called Tara and she was able to see me on Saturday which worked out great. She totally understood that for me this was a big deal and did everything to make me at ease. She spent a couple of hours going over the different styles and options, not pushing me in any one direction. I settled on a unit which she set up right there and now. Did I mention that this was Saturday, that's the important part because she called to see how I was doing on Sunday! And did a follow up on Tuesday. She is very knowledgeable and very caring. Her door is always open if you need an adjustment at a later date. Can't say enough about her.”

William G.

“AHS - Tara made the whole experience less of a medical provider-patient relationship to more like a friend to friend meeting. Being a first time hearing device user and most important my first real professional evaluation of my hearing deficiencies, Tara took the questions I had and answered them all clearly. Tara also took the time to fit the devices and to show me all that I needed to operate them. Once I was fitted and the devices were programmed the sense of relaxation was tremendous. I did not realize how much effort I was putting forth just to hear normal conversations. I have since slept better and the tinnitus is completely gone. Thanks Tara ”

Brad N.

“I knew I had bad hearing and had an audio test by Dr. Bailey. She has been absolutely wonderful helping me with my hearing aids. It has been a blessing. She has always been available to see me and is one of the most patient doctors I have ever known. 5 star rating for Dr. Bailey! ”

Brenda G.

“Dr. Bailey is excellent. By far the best hearing doctor I have ever seen. Would recommend her to anyone. ”

Jeanette G.

“I couldn't be more grateful for the help and support I have received from Dr. Bailey. I have a complex hearing issue and Dr. Bailey has worked with me with patience and concern for me to reach a confident use of my aids. ”

Carole I.

“Best experience with a health professional I've ever had. She assured me that she would always be available for a phone call...and she has been. Could not ask for better. ”

William L C.

“After having a very negative experience with previous hearing aid, it was great to find someone that could help. Dr. Bailey was very easy to work with. We give an excellent rating. ”

George M.

“Having worn aids for 60 years, meeting Tara Bailey was like a huge breath of fresh air! She is the most thorough, accommodating and kindest hearing professional I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I invite you to meet Tara and see the difference she offers. ”

Darold W N.

“My husband nearly lost all hearing in his left ear after a serious episode of Meniere's Disease. 3 ENT's told us hearing aids would be useless. Luckily we found Dr. Bailey. She has worked wonders for him! We are grateful for her professional knowledge and patience in explaining and "fine tuning" each step toward the best possible outcome. He now has a good amount of hearing in his left ear and improvement in the right using the Oticon system. ”

Elizabeth F.

“Dr. Bailey was very efficient and reassuring. She explained the hearing test results in detail. She has continued to follow through with my treatment. She has answered all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Tara Bailey. ”

Mary S.

“When we moved from Missouri to South Carolina I had to find another hearing aid specialist. My provider in Missouri gave me the names of two clinics that serviced the brand of hearing aids that I currently had. I made an appointment with Dr. Tara Bailey to have them checked. She did a very through hearing test and we came to the conclusion that it was time for the five year old aids to be replaced. Thankfully our insurance plan gave a good discount toward new ones plus reimbursed us for part of the cost. There was a problem with the right one and she immediately sent it back to the company for repair (it ended up being replaced). She has made adjustments so I do not get terrible feedback through the right aid also. Wonderful person to work with and has a great personality. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hearing aid specialist. It is well worth the drive we make to here office and am looking forward to doing business with her for years to come.”

Marie W.

“About two months ago I finally admitted, unequivocally, that I needed hearing aids. I surveyed several friends who already wear hearing aids, and finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Tara Bailey at Advanced Hearing Solutions in Greenville, SC. The audiology test with Dr. Bailey revealed that I really did need hearing aids. The new hearing aids arrived within three days, and Dr. Bailey patiently instructed me on how to insert them into the ear canals, how to change the batteries, etc. At follow-up appointments, we have tried several sizes of domes for the left ear and learned how to change settings with the use of an app on my iPhone. Results have been very dramatic: the distinct clarity of water flowing from the kitchen faucet or in the brook behind our house; the sounds of birds and tree frogs from our deck; the ease of listening to NPR on the car radio; and the clarity of conversation around a dinner table. I no longer have to strain to decipher the words used by family and friends. These hearing aids have been a marvelous gift.”

John S.

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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
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