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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
Why Choose Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville?
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The Difference Of Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville

After a comprehensive medical history, discussion about your requirements, and a thorough hearing test, we will discuss the results and decide if you would benefit from hearing instruments. Simply put, there is no pressure and no sales tactics.

You’ll get the help you need here, no matter what that help might be. You can found out the cost of a hearing aid based on your needs and budget, if it’s required. Plus, if you need a medical specialist referral, you’ll have that too.

Best of all, we work with major international manufacturers including Oticon, Resound, and Siemens/Cigna. The point is, you’ll find lots of choices for hearing aids in Greenville, South Carolina, by coming to Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville.

Flexible Scheduling

The typical nine-to-five office schedule doesn’t always work for people. If you’re busy or you need to secure transportation from someone who is unavailable during the day, we have great news for you. Your appointment for hearing aids can be set at a variety of different hours, including appointments at 7:30 a.m., 7 p.m. or on Saturdays.

The goal at Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville is to have the most satisfied patients by consistently providing comprehensive, professional and personal care.

In short, busy schedules or transportation issues shouldn’t stop you from getting your hearing checked or receiving the attention and care you need and deserve. At AHS, it won’t because our hours are built around your schedule. Call or email us for an appointment today!

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Why Get Tested?

Chances are, you wouldn’t go decades, or even years, without a trip to the dentist or optometrist. Getting your hearing checked shouldn’t be any different. Your ears are as important as your eyes and teeth.

Besides, hearing plays a huge role in staying active. It’s needed for communicating effectively with loved ones, co-workers and strangers. It also keeps us healthy and out of harms’ way since ear health impacts our sense of balance.

Even if you don’t have a hearing test performed every year, you need to do a baseline test. Basically, you’ll see how well you hear today and as time passes, you have something you can compare; much like an optometrist would do your vision. That way, if you have changes in the future, you’ll get better care. Schedule your appointment with AHS today!

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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
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